Sunday, September 24, 2017

Let’s hang out at a vegetarian friendly place …

So, we’re at idealite @ Bugis Village! Come and discover the true taste of a refreshing vegetarian rojak ($6.9+)! Here, the rojak sauce is served in a little container with nuts (no peanuts). You don’t see any grounded peanuts but the nuts taste extremely different and delicious with the rojak sauce. Hmmm … there’re some ingredients which you don’t often see in traditional rojak – cherry tomatoes and mango.  Brilliant! It’s a new way of enjoying rojak. 
You can poke a piece of the ingredient and dip it in the sauce. Or you can do it the traditional way by mixing the sauce with all the ingredients.  No fix rule, so flexible! I like it.   
Yes, I like this place and the beautiful saying on the wall “We have the power to change the World” and “让世界因为有了我们变得更美好”. Cool and inspiring!  

Where: idealite. 153 Rocher Road. Bugis Village. S188428. 11am-9pm. Tel: +65 6264 7100.
Facebook: @idealitesg

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