Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vegetarian Haven in Chinatown Singapore …

Chinatown in Singapore is a beautiful and colourful place for walking and discovering the hidden gems like tea shop, pastry shop, gift shop, street eats … I enjoy strolling here and the vibrant vibe.

In the vicinity of Chinatown, you can easily find at least 12 vegetarian establishments, from hawker stall to small eatery to restaurant, offering a diverse spread of vegetarian cuisine. There's even a healthy organic vegetarian eatery at Chinatown Food Street.

Another vegetarian haven to indulge in good and scrumptious vegetarian cuisine. Yes, the vegetarian population is growing extremely fast now and more non-vegetarians are enjoying vegetarian cuisine just like any other cuisines such as Malay cuisine, Indian cuisine …  

For lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian, Vegetarian open to vegetarian options from non-friendly eateries, the choices available are even much more! So, just go and have fun.  Chinatown. Vegetarian/Vegetable cuisine. Either way, enjoy! What a beautiful world! 

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