Saturday, September 30, 2017

Keeping 5 precepts & chilling at Rubix Bar & Cafe

Waiting for my “UBER” transport to Jhana Grove Retreat Centre at Serpentine (A$130/A$45 (sharing with 2 more pax), one way). So, sitting in Rubix Bar & Cafe in Perth, facing the street and enjoying my BIG bowl of Fries (A$10), watching people passing by and chilling out at the bar across the street. 

It’s Friday afternoon in Perth and happy hours started, people were off work early and heading toward the Bar for a drink.
For me, no alcohol please. Even before I took my 5 precepts, I don’t crave or find alcohol appealing. Boring me, missing out the fun, never mind. Nay! No chance of me getting out of control under the influence of alcohol. [smile]

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