Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Vegetarian CNY Lunch @ TungLok Signatures

I love the Vegetarian restaurants under TungLok Group, which serves innovative scrumptious vegetarian cuisine. By default, I would think the non-vegetarian restaurants under this group would have few impressive vegetable-forward dishes on their menu too.

How do I feel about the vegetarian menu (S$78++ per pax) at TungLok Signatures? There’re some delicious, innovative and beautifully presented vegetarian dishes which wow me!  

The mock salmon in the YuSheng, unbelievably, so real. The Grilled Bran and Beancurd Skin served on Pancake combined with Fresh Fruit and Crispy Charcoal Bamboo Beancurd in Sesame Sauce, were innovative.  The Chilled Aloe Vera Lemongrass Jelly topped with Lychee Sorbet was refreshing!
That isn't wet tissue, it's pancake for wrapping (with TungLok's stamp on it) ... 

Whereas the Chrysanthemum Tofu in Consommé dish, beautifully crafted with flavourful broth but the tofu was quite tasteless. Poached Handmade Noodle with Diced Fungus in Broth served in Bamboo Cup was something new and unique dish to be included in a traditional Chinese banquet menu, just that the noodle was too bland.
The only not so impressive dish and lacking was the Sautéed Mushroom with Green.  On the whole, it was good to see vegetable-forward cuisine in non-vegetarian restaurant. A nice experience. 

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