Saturday, May 26, 2018

Going vegetarian is so easy in Singapore ...

Besides Vegetarian Cuisine, we’ve Vegetarian-Friendly Cuisine at most of the restaurants/eateries. Hmmm…. that’s the NEW thing and is getting popular. It would be very behind times, if restaurants has no vegetarian menu or vegetarian options on their menu. Just looking around, it so easy to find vegetarian food now.

Enjoying my lunch at Saravanaa Bhava @ Clifford Centre Basement (NTUC FoodFare) - Indian Vegetarian Cuisine – Mini Tiffin @ S$6.4

I’m so full! If not or the portion can be reduced a little, I would definitely add a cup of Mango Lassi or Teh Tarik to my meal. That would be perfect!

Where: Saravanaa Bhava. NTUC FoodFare (Clifford Centre) 24 Raffles Place, S048621.

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