Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Craving for a Meatless Chinese Cuisine …

Last Sunday, we’re lucky to be able to dine at New Fut Kai and enjoyed every single dishes we ordered. Nice restaurant. Friendly and considerate serving staff.  Plus there’re new addition to their menu.  Look like, we’ll have to come again to savour other dishes and their unique different type of steamboat.

It’s a pleasure to see Vegetarian Eateries continue to improve and fine-tune their dishes.  Love the Peach Gum in the Peach Gum and Wild Bamboo Pith Shark Fin Soup ($16), one of my favourite dishes here. And the Mei Cai Stewed Veg Pork Belly Tofu ($14), a well-balanced combination dish, not so much mock meat.  

We found the uncommon dishes like Nonya Chap Chye ($14) which was cooked with red fermented beancurd and Xinghua Rice Noodle ($8) here. Wonderful.

The Pumpkin Butter Sauce Mushroom ($15), we ordered as a take-away, to savour at home. 

Where: New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant. 282 Jalan Besar S208925. T: 6398 0836.

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