Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rice House (粥大王)

Deep-Fried Tofu @ S$2

Signature Porridge @ S$3

This morning I went to Geylang East! Hmm… to the Rice House (粥大王) after reading this in Sunday times January 4 2009 – In search of the unknown in the Foodie CONFIDENTIAL column.

Taxi Driver Alice Tan who is a non-vegetarian mentioned this place as one of the good food places :-

There is also a vegetarian stall in Geylang East Avenue 2. The porridge from that shop is really good. I can finish two bowls in a sitting. The dish isn’t too salty and doesn’t dry the throat. It’s simple but tastes very good.”

And guess what she answer for the question – What would your last meal be? Her answer is :

I would like something simple like the vegetarian porridge in Geylang East. That is all I need. Nothing else.”

Much earlier, I also read about this in Sunny's Vegetarian Foodhunt where she had a few posts on this Vegetarian Porridge and wanted to go as porridge is one of my favourite foods.

Blk 129 Geylang East Ave 2
Singapore 380129

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