Sunday, February 15, 2009

Vegetarian Laksa @ Kwan Yin Zhai Vegetarian (观音斋)

Vegetarian Laksa S$2 (I opt for yellow noodle instead of Bee Hoon)

After going vegetarian, finding Vegetarian Laksa is not a big problem at all, most of the vegetarian stalls do sell Laksa on certain days. But to find a Vegetarian Laksa that the soup is light and with the real laksa aroma, and not make you feel lousy after eating and yet close to non-vegetarian Laksa, I would say Kuan Yin Zhai Vegetarian Laksa will be a good choice and I enjoy it. It is a vegetarian stall located in a local coffee shop under the HDB Flat.

Although, some said that there is a better Vegetarian Laksa at Ang Mio Kio Ave 10 (yet to try), I would still recommend this, for they serves this daily and you don’t have to go on those day that the vegetarian stall sells Laksa.

The price is just S$2 for a bowl (I requested to have yellow noodle instead of Bee Hoon and in lesser quality as I am on diet: p). During these days finding S$2 tasty food is very difficult. I can’t demand much!

Maybe, what is missing is the mock cockle (which can be achieved used can mushroom with marinate with special seasoning) and the aroma of the soup can be a little bit stronger. Or they could have a Super Version Laksa with all the ingredients using substitutes like special tofu to replace fish cake and charged at a different price.

And if you like Yong Tau Hu with Laska soup, I guess this is not a problem, as they do sell Yong Tau Hu too. By the way, they do sell mix rice too.

How do I get to know about KwanYin Zhai Laksa? They used to operate a stall at Charity Fairs, helping to raise donation for charity organizations and I got to taste their delicious Laska and yet doing good deeds at the same time. I remember there was one year their stall was voted as the best vegetarian food stall for that charity fair event.

KwanYin Zhai Vegetarian (观音斋)
Blk 134 Geylang East Ave 1
Singapore 380134


YM said...

Hi Crystal,
May I know where the exact address for the vegetarian laksa at AMK Ave 10 is?

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

Oh oh! I don't know, that person told me is at the wet market. I was thinking one day I will go there to find out. If I been there, I put the address here, ok?

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...

hi Crystal

do you have the tel contact no. of the restaurant if i happen to miss the shop. tks

Crystal @ Blog*Spot said...

If you are referring to Kwan Yin Zhai, it is a vegetarian stall in the coffee shop @ blk 134. Tel: 6744 4424

If you are going via MRT, stop at Aljunied, from Exit A, turn left, walk straight, follow the mrt track, you will see a road (Geylang East 1) infront of you.

Cross the road and walk from right, you will see blk 133, 132, then 134. You are there! :)

If you still want something more, go to blk 129 just nearby, Veg porridge!

If you want eggless cake, then when you come out from Aljunied MRT, you see the coffee shop, pass it a little, at 55 Lor 27, is Yes Natural Bakery.

Cheers :)

Anonymous said...


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


看到你的留言,我笑了 - :)。

该怎么回答呢?不能三言两语就能说清 。。。

愿你幸福,快乐和 安详。


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