Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peranakan Museum Open House & Vegetarian Cooking Demonstrations by Coriander Leaf

Yummy Veggie - Vegetarian Cooking Demonstration (Free admission) Chef Samia Ahad's Cooking Demo
Preparing food to be served to audiences
Asparagus w/ Plum Sauce (Chinese)
Green Mango Salad (Thai)

Free admission to Peranakan Museum on 21-22 February 2009! Besides, the interesting crafts workshops for children, traditional Chinese calligraphy demonstration, performances by NUS Chinese Orchestra Ensemble.

What makes me real happy was the Vegetarian Cooking Demonstrations by Chef Samia Ahad of Coriander Leaf (a non-vegetarian bistro cum restaurant).

The 1st session was full house, so we went for the Serenity in Stone: The Qingzhou Discovery – one of the most important archaeological finds of the 20th century on Buddha stone sculptures of 1400 years ago.

We managed to have a seat for the 2nd session which was also full house when it started. Chef Samia Ahad who is also the owner of Coriander Leaf, demo 3 veggie recipes for 2nd session:

MenuSalad of lightly pickled vegetables with toasted sesame seeds (Burmese)
Asparagus w/ Plum Sauce (Chinese)
Green Mango Salad (Thai)

It was simple, easy to do recipes, yet delicious! We were able to sample what have been whipped up and I managed to snap 2 pictures of the food by putting on my lap. The surprising thing was there were only 3 vegetarians out of 50 people who went for the cooking demonstration.

For each different session, different veggie recipes were demo and we were given the recipe booklet for the session attended.

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