Saturday, October 24, 2009

Herbal Soups @ 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

8 Treasures Herbal Soup @ S$18.80+
For Chinese, most of us would take some special traditional Chinese Herbal diets (Traditional Chinese Medicine) for a healthy balance of yin and yang and to boost health in general. So, what can Vegetarian or Vegan consumes or what can we cook, as Traditional Herbal Soups used meat?  Some of my blog readers had asked me to create more herbal soups and soups that are good for cancer patients. Till today, I still haven’t ready post much on this topic. My apologies.

No worry, herbal soups can be found in Vegetarian Restaurants too, not loosing any goodness at all. There are 2 herbal soups to choose from – 8 Treasures Herbal Soup and Ginseng Mock Chicken Soup (ginseng boost energy) @ $S18.80, in 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant. 

As I am not a big fan of mock meat, I picked the 8 Treasures Herbal Soup that uses many different types of herbs and mushrooms (good option for customers who does not like mock meat).  This is a big pot for a small eater (me) and both of us just could not finish it after ordering other food. The waitress was so proactive that she suggested packing it up for us to take back home. So, I have to go straight home after that, no window shopping ...
 A bowl of 8 Treasures Herbal Soup (for a 10 yrs old non-veg guest at home) 
Guess, what? My boy invited my neighbour ‘s 10 years old boy (non-vegetarian) over for some board games.  I decided to heat up this take away Herbal Soup, garnish with coriander leaves to create the colorful visual impact as I am not sure whether children like herbal stuff (like in the picture), and also control the serving (amount of soup and ingredients) so that he won’t be overwhelmed as I had just given him a light snack and dessert. Then, let him taste it and get his reviews.

Surprising, he said - he loves this healthy broth infused with the goodness from Chinese herbs! He says it is tasty and he finished that bowl of soup plus all the ingredients. He become delighted with the “ mini lesson” when I briefly introduce the ingredients - different mushrooms and herbs (Solomon’s seal nourish the lungs and stomach …) found in the soup. He was amazed with the monkey head mushroom, the dried willow tree mushroom as he has never tasted before. Haha... if i have know it, I would have pair it with a mini bowl of brown rice for him and skip making snack and dessert.

Who says Vegetarian Herbal Soup is bland? When it is tasty and full of goodness,  non-vegetarian will like it too.  

If the Ginseng Mock Chicken Soup does not consists of mock chicken, most likely I would order …  

For the tourists, give this a try! Who knows, you might even fell in love with it … they are Western Tourist who fall in love with Chinese Herbal Soup …

Price: S$18.80+ (with privilege card, entitled to 12% discount!)
Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant
282A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058831
Tel:65 6534 7727
(next to Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Free Museum in Singapore Chinatown)

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