Saturday, October 24, 2009

Western Menu @ 8 Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant

Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop @ S$7+
There is a small section on Western Menu that consists of Crispy Green Salad, Fruit Cocktail Salad, Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop and Fish and Chips at a very reasonable price S$7+. 

For the vegetarian tourist who misses western food or like to find out how Singapore-style Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop and Mock Fish and Chips tastes like, this is the place which is convenient to go to and in the Tourist Must-Visit Attractions - Chinatown . At the same time, you get to taste Chinese Vegetarian Cuisines, Mock Meat dishes and even our local salad – Rojak  (there is a dish that pair with Rojak). Don’t forget to savor the Green & Environmental friendly - Mini Pot Vegetarian Shark’s Fin @ S$8+.  So far, these are some of dishes, I would suggest for a Tourist Special Menu. 

My boy picked the Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop instead after reading the menu with 120 dishes (it could be mind-boggling task for him).  As he had “too much” of Vegetarian Fish N Chips elsewhere until the photo of Vegetarian Fish N Chips can “dictated” how its taste would be to him ...

So Black Pepper Mock Chicken Chop becomes his choice. I stole a few bites.  The homemade Black Pepper Sauce was simply delicious and the mock chicken chop texture was rather “soft” and “flexible”, easy to bite too.  It comes with 2 deep-fried Chinese Bun which is different from others.

As I am not a big Fan of mock meat and is eager to see Vegetarian Western Dishes to be something different, but at these easy-on-the-wallet prices (with 12% discount for privilege card holder) in such a nice ambience restaurant, we can’t really fault too much.  
 Golden Pillow with Special Tangy Chilli Sauce @ S$8+ (very crispy if you like deep-fry food!)

There are even noodle/fried rice dishes that cost S$6+ and many dishes that cost from S$8 onwards, it makes dinning in such nice décor restaurant so much affordable and won’t burn a big hole on your pocket.  
Eight Treasures Vegetarian Restaurant
282A South Bridge Road
Singapore 058831
Tel:65 6534 7727
(next to Singapore Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Free Museum in Singapore Chinatown)


Toni said...

Hi there again. I've been to 8 Treasures, and frankly, most of their mock meat that I tried are not made of gluten (which I really dont fancy), but more of soy which gives it that "meat-like" look when cut.
You should try the Honey Pork (it's like the 3 layered pork meat that is fried in black sauce) and their steamed fish with ginger sauce. Excellent!

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Toni,

Thanks, I think I did taste the Honey Pork few yrs back but yet to try the steamed fish with ginger sauce. Will try.

Have a great weekend.

Cheers =)

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