Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Vegetarian Pizza @ PastaMania

Margherita @ S$6.90(S)/S$10.90(M)/S$13.90(L)
When Horizon Food Mall was closed for few days last December 2009, my young man went to PastaMania instead. This was what he had ordered - Vegetarian Pizza - Margherita (mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce).

When he placed the order for the vegetarian pizza at the counter, he was surprised that the waiter told him that it contains garlic and onion.  Anyway, he is not a vegetarian because of religion, so that does not really matter but was impressed with the staff at PastaMania @ Causeway Point.

PastaMania had listed some of the FAQ for Vegetarian http://www.pastamania.com.sg/commitment/faqs.html 

It would be great, if there are more vegetarian choices which I believed is very easily achievable.

Where:  PastaMania @ Causeway Point. Basement 1.

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