Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Uniquely Singapore Dishes @ Gukul Vegetarian Restaurant

We went to Gokul again after an exciting and interesting Rock Climbing Session near Farrar Park MRT last December.

In fact, I wanted to go to Chinese Vegetarian Restaurants in Little India -  New Fut Kai Vegetarian Restaurant @ 282 Jalan Besar  or Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant @ 155 Kitchener Road. But my young man wanted to try Murtabak, so we were at Gokul.  Gokul has an extensive menu with reasonable pricing so that give you good reason to return again and again to try out other dishes.  And we seen quite a number of Chinese and tourists there this time round ...

Besides having Murtabak ,  what did we had? I almost could not recall now (sign of old age! sigh) . Ok, we some local creations - Fish Head Curry & Indian Rojak.

Gokuk Special Fish Head Curry @ S$6
We ordered Gokul Special - Gokuk Special Fish Head Curry (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fish_head_curry). This dish if I am not wrong is a local creation by the Indian, as back in India, fish head is not eaten.  You won't see a Mock Fish Head (no such mock creation - a big mock fish head like the real fish head with the fish's mouth open and you can see the teeth or fish eyes that you can dig it out to eat) in this curry. But mock fish slices that Traditional Chinese Vegetarian Eateries commonly used and it was deep-fried.  You will find some veggies such as tomatoes, okra and egg plants in this curry.  It came with generously serving of curry which was more than enough to pair with 2 bowls of steamed rice (which they have on their menu too). However, we ordered naan.

 Naan 2 pcs @ S$2
I like Naan and dipping it in the Fish Head Curry, it is delicious for someone like me who adore spicy food.

 Indian Rojak @ S$5

Sweet, thick but not so spicy peanut sauce for the Indian Rojak
Here is the Indian Rojak (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rojak) - vegetarian version (tempeh, potatoes, cucumber, deep-fried firm tofu, flour fritters, green chilli).  It came with a generous serving of sweet, thick but not so spicy peanut sauce in a cup, which we dipped the items from the Indian Rojak with. And we could only finished 30% of it and the rest of the peanut sauce was wasted.  

 Indian Rojak is a creation of the local Indian, (if I get it right) and don't associate it with the local favourite dish - Rojak. There are totally two different dishes and if you want the other type of Rojak, they served that too, it is named as Chinese Rojak on their menu ...

Where: Gokul Vegetarian Restaurant. 19 Upper Dickson Road. Singapore 207478. Tel/Fax: 6396 7769.
Opening Hour: 10.30am - 10.30pm (daily)


The Hungry Ang Mo said...

Back to Gokul again!? Good girl!!! The naan's that you got looked really good, Crystal!

Did you have a chance to go to Raj yet :)?


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Yes :) Gokul is a nice place, if you haven't mentioned it at all in your post, would have missed it totally.

Raj, not yet :) on the list to visit but not sure when yet ...

Cheers :)

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