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FREE Compassionate Food (Vegetarian Food) @ The Singapore Buddhist Lodge 新加坡佛教居士林

In Singapore, there are many Buddhist Temples and Buddhist Communities providing vegetarian food to ANYONE (rich or poor) free of charge. 

And The Singapore Buddhist Lodge is the only place where the vegetarian food is served in a Buffet, with a great variety of soups, congee, noodle (Fried or Soupy), fruits and so on.

Dining Area (a late evening on CNY eve)
Volunteers busy cutting veggies even on CNY period ...
Donated items ...
To have such a massive free food for anyone especially to the less fortune ones required lots of efforts from many sources with great compassionate heart.  People donate money or food items, with lots of selfless volunteers spending many hours preparing and cooking the food, clean the premises etc. It is never an easy job doing the cooking. The price of such food is PRICELESS. 

Yes, I went there (on LNY Eve, late evening) not for the free vegetarian food but to feel the compassionate vibe

Donation Boxes for different purposes ... 
In the Buddhist community, many (who can afford) after enjoyed such free meal would make a donation (cash or kinds - sometime, the amount is few times more than the price they pay in an eatery) for the appreciation and paying forward to make the world more beautiful.
This section is the Hotpot Buffet, pick whatever you want (don’t waste food) and get a seat at the table with steam boat and you can enjoy the hotpot buffet.

Buffet ...  

A plate full of unconditional love ...  
The Buffet section has increased from 8 Vegetarian Dishes (on normal day) to 10 Vegetarian Dishes (on Lunar New Year period). 

And, there is even DIY Fresh Spring Roll! Simple ingredients – lettuce, bean sprout, chilli paste, sweet soy sauce and grounded peanut are provided and it can be delicious because of the special ingredients – compassion that is lovingly prepared into
Besides Black Eye Bean Soup, there is also Herbal Soup …
Congee – plain congee and vegetable congee catering to different diners …

As this is not an eatery or restaurant, it is all self service! We have to get the plate and spoon at the rack near the kitchen and also need to wash it afterward and before putting it back.  If we like, we can help to keep the place clean by wiping the table or clean up any food that dropped.

After the PRICELESS VEGETARIAN MEAL – what I learnt is I think the Buddhist Community (vegetarian or non-vegetarian) believes in Dana ("generosity" or "giving") to cultivate generosity. "素食供众广结善缘 as the banner said and not at the expense of any living beings, therefore Vegetarian Food is one of the best choices.

So, I wonder when treating someone to a meal for any occasions, would the compassionate choice – Vegetarian Cuisine, be giving priority? Or is this beautiful and compassion tradition only exit in the Buddhist Temple.

Where: The Singapore Buddhist Lodge.  17-19 Kim Yam Road Singapore 239329. Tel: 67372635

Singapore Buddhist Lodge is a place fill with compassionate vibe - even the resident cats are such calm beings and peaceful - sleeping & sun bathing even with people so close to them ...


Sanjeev said...

You are awesome.
your posts are so informative and detailed, it is like watching a movie.

I have only read few of your blog entries and they provide real value to public as well as the organization/business you write about. The post you did for dim sum at LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant is a pure gold. My wife is a pure vegetarian and we have been to LingZhi before (wheel lock and I guess they were at china town too) but À la carte there is on the expensive side. I never know their buffet was so cheap.

This for the info

Anonymous said...

Wow,excellent post on SBL!

It would have been a better place if those ate there help to maintain the hygiene by cleaning the tables if they dirtied them.

Oh, did you catch sight of a Garfield cat there?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hey Sanjeev : )
Nice to see your comment. Thank you very much : )

Many people would think Tung Lok pricing is high because they have few fine-dining concept eateries locally and internationally.

But the pricing of their A la Carte fall in the range of the Causal Chinese Dinning (non-vegetarian), as the Tung Lok has channel their energy to mass market eateries in the last few years.

Because of the service charge plus GST, it makes the overall bill higher.

But, it was very nice that they have Lingzhi and offering Buffet at a real good price, the big plus for Big Eaters ... Those of us who do cooking (not including labour cost) at home, knows this price really worth it ...

Just like Indian Vegetarian Cuisine - there is fine-dining Indian restaurant and casual dining restaurant with pricing really worth it too ... I found something interesting in Indian Cuisine, maybe I choose share the info.


a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Thank you Anonymous :)

Yes, you are right. A small place like this serves up to 2000 pax on a daily basis (4000pax on CNY period) from morning to evening is not easy to maintain. On the whole, comparing the number and the "hygiene" issues, it is already well manage, I think.

I once use my small towel to clean up the table, but sometime I forget. Next time, I must remember to do it (forgotten it is not an eatery, that have waitress to push in the chair, clear the plate and wipe the table).

I spot 3 cats and taken photo of them. Not too sure is the last cat that I did post is it Garfield.

They are all very peaceful and in tranquillity, they don't fear stranger.

Cheers :)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sanjeev

LingZhi is at Wheel lock and Novena Square (Novena MRT) only.

They have moved out from Far East Square near to Raffles MRT and Chinatown.

Cheers : )

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