Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Madeleine Rose Floral Cookies - The Cookie Museum

This was one of my 2009 X'mas Gifts from my beloved sister.  Whenever, she tasted something real delectable and she would want to share with me but she has a little problem - her sister is a Vegetarian and she wasn't that sure those food is suitable for vegetarian or not.  So, most of the time, it is not food stuff that she get for me but other things.

She uses to get Cookies from Cookie Museum, loves it very much. One day, when she saw the word - "No EGGS. NO MILK" on the tin, she immediately bought it for me.  In real fact, vegetarian diet isn't something  hard to create. With some minor changes, most of the food can be made suitable for vegetarian and non-vegetarian too.

Sometimes, we find the best and nicest vegetarian food in the non-vegetarian eateries, but most of the vegetarian are just unaware of it. If not, I would consider getting this as present to vegetarian or non-vegetarian friends. And non-vegetarian does not have to crack their brain where to get food for their non-vegetarian friends, family members or colleagues...

Just like this cookies from Cookie Museum, I SIMPLY LOVE the cookies.  I love the pink rose used in the cookies, when I opened it, the aroma of the rose already stole my heart.  Next, the little rose petal in the cookies makes it looks so beautiful and elegant.  And the taste, the texture is just wonderful and yet it can be done without eggs, milks, preservative and low in sugar.  That explain vegetarian food can be delicious too and definitely not boring, what required here is skill and good secret recipes.

Vegetarian living in Vegetarian friendly Singapore is a blessing therefore there are more and more vegetarian, and the tell tale sign is more vegetarian eateries mushrooming everywhere, and some non-vegetarian eateries even specify that their products are suitable for vegetarian. This could also means there are more semi-vegetarian for various reasons (health, religions or to go green) or more people get to like vegetarian food which just like another type of cuisine

If you are a vegetarian tourist or a vegan (check to confirm if you worry whether it is vegan or not), you may want to consider getting this wonderful original product of Singapore (it is handmade) as a gift. There are also many other established shop like Bengawan Solo (cake shop), a shop in Far East Square  and some other do have vegetarian cookies.

P.S - Go with a cup of piping hot tea - Rose Tea? Anyone? : D

Where: The Cookie Museum. Esplanade Mall 8 Raffles Avenue #01-02/04. Singapore 039802. Tel: 6333 1965.

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