Monday, February 22, 2010

Yammy Lotus 'N' Pumpkin Kaya @ Tracy Juice Culture (Fortune Centre)

Vegetarianism or Veganism has added colour or diversities to the food culture in various ways. Due to the restriction of some strict vegetarian, it leads to the creation of simple yet delicious dishes which also nourishes the body.   
Pumpkin Kaya @ S$4 per container
As some strict vegetarian do not consume egg therefore the alternative substitution for Egg Kaya is Pumpkin Kaya or Sweet Potato Kaya.  Not only it benefits vegan and vegetarian, it is also suitable for those allergic to egg or dislike egg, or those hesitant to consume food that uses large amount of eggs. If you like kaya, you will like this pumpkin kaya too, so get a small tub @ S$4 for bread or pancake spread.

Yammy Lotus @ S$4
Yammy Lotus is a bit similar to Or Nee (Yam/Sweet Taro Dessert).  Yam or Sweet Taro is very common but not purple yam which is nourishing and reliving fatigue. So far, I could not even get Purple Yam in the wet market or supermarket.  It has with Purple Yam Chunks and lotus seeds in it, but I prefer that the purple yam paste to be smoother like the Or Nee paste. I would think this Purple Yam Dessert can be further enhanced, to be a cold dessert too for those who like it cold.

I am rather impressed by Tracy Juice Culture @ ABS Event at Expo last year. I was shopping at Expo and accidentally saw the ABS Event. Tracy Juice Culture has a counter there busy and happily preparing 5 or 6 of their products and offer them in small paper cup to anyone (Free-of-Charge) who want a drink. And I got to taste whichever product they have prepared and because of such happy tasting, they have win me as a customer. There is a Chinese saying - 有舍有得. 要得先须舍,有舍才有得!

Where: Tracy Juice Culture (Fortune Centre). 190 Middle Road #01-34. Tel: 6336 0754.

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