Sunday, March 07, 2010

A Bakery and Eggless Cake Shop!

Is Eggless Cake meant for LACTO-VEGETARIAN (eats Dairy products but not egg)?  Guess not!  Cake without egg can taste good too, but it is more expensive than normal type of cake. Eggless cake is also available at Emicakes.

Eggless Cake @ S$2 per pcs
Yes Natural Bakery has a good variety of cake in different sizes. However, as I am not a big fan of cake, I usually go for those assorted single pieces where I can taste different flavours and do not have to worry about my waistline too much.  Here, they make those common and most popular flavour like chocolate, coffee, cheese, green tea, vanilla ... selling at a reasonable price - $2.
Eggless Brownie
Mushroom Potatoes Pie @ $1.80
Besides Eggless, they have many other Veg*n products too -  some traditional confectionery, steamed buns, variety of breads from natural ingredients where some of island wide eateries/stalls order from them to sell.
Curry Puff @ S$1.50 
I love their Curry Puff.  I did ordered 120 pieces of Curry Puffs from them for a School Fun Fair Event last year. I was really impressed by the staff as they do not usually make so much curry puff and I need it to be ready by 7am on an early Saturday morning which is way before their opening time at 7.30am. When I collect the curry puff, all were all piping hot, the staff came real early in the morning to make it, so it is fresh and tastes good … 

Don't be deceive by the unfriendly looks of the staff, when you approached them, they will try their very best to help you.  

Where: Yes Natural (F&B) Pte Ltd - Bakery. 55 Lorong 27, Geylang, Singapore 388 183. Tel: 6547 8438.
Opening Hours : Mon-Sun 8am-9pm


jingjing said...

Wow, it look really yummy! Was the mushroom potato bun nice??

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi, jinging

It is BIG if the pie is a little bit softer, it will be very nice.

The filling is tasty to me. Potato is cook to the right softness, but I like more mushroom (I love mushroom).

Cheers :D

Anonymous said...

Eggless, but may contain butter or milk content... not for Vegans

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