Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Imaginative Veg*n Creations at Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant

Vegetarianism has always been associated with only 2 religions - Hinduism and Buddhism, however time had changed. Vegetarianism today does not advocated by only these 2 faiths but other faiths too such as - Christian Vegetarianism and so on.  Besides, there are various adherents like the eco-conscious that advocate Vegetarianism just for Eating Green - Living on the Veg or those health conscious who is advocating healthy eating.

Although Genesis is not one of those Vegetarian Eateries on the Health Promotion Board - Healthier Dinning Programme ( but they are definitely offering delectable organic healthy meals.  This simple causal eatery is a favourite with Caucasians and locals working around Raffles Places.

Been to this eatery for few times, it never disappoint me with their creative vegan friendly Asian-inspired dishes such as Mango Salad, Fish Head Noodle, Korean Set and many other on their menu.

'Penang Popiah' @ $3.50!
Brown Rice Set or Set Meal is never my first choice when I dine in any Organic Eateries, as there are other specialities waiting to be discovered. I picked 'Penang Popiah' @ $3.50! I was expecting those normal popiah wrap with organic veggies but Genesis used nori instead which is more nutritious.

Palatable too!  Besides just veggies, there are little pieces of tofu, mock meat made with mushroom stalks, and mock fish that added some texture to it. 

Where: Genesis Vegetarian Health Food Restaurant. 1 Lorong Telok. Singapore 049014. Tel: 6438 7118.
Opening Hours: Mon-Thur 8am-6.30pm. Fri 8am-3pm. Sun 9am - 3pm.

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