Sunday, March 14, 2010

Discover the Wonders of Healthy Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine in a 30 years old Restaurant ...

Fo You Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant may be unknown to many folks. But it is a Restaurant with 30 years history, serving healthy and gourmet Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine (awarded by HPB - Healthier Restaurant Award since 2005) by Owners-Mangers-Chefs (if I got it correct).

The Place
The interior of this restaurant is nondescript but with a very Chinese Feel.  It serves up awesome and innovative vegetarian cuisine at a reasonable price. There are mock meat options, but if you don't fancy them, choose other healthier mushroom or vegetables choices on the extensive menu.

Pan-fried Sugar Flower with Sauce @ 12.0+
The Food
The specialty dish is SUGAR CAN E FLOWER, which is a RARE dish (and mysterious)! Opt for the Pan-fried Sugar Flower with sauce ($12+) if you do not want the Deep-fried Sugar Cane Flower. The banana-shaped buds of the sugar cane plant have a crunchy texture that gives a nice bite .

The Fo You Yuan Signature Rice Vermicelli or "Guai Hua" Rice Vermicelli ($8+) which is not listed on the menu is something similar to Fried ‘Hing Hwa' Bee Hoon,  is excellent - soft, aromatic, moist and delicious and yet not oily.
Imperial Vegetarian Cocoon  @ 15.0+ 
Imperial Vegetarian Cocoon - my individual portion
The Imperial Vegetarian Cocoon ($15+) which we ordered is mango with mock ham wrapped with rice vermicelli, deep-fried and garnish with mayo sauce. It is crispy with a little crunchy, delicious and was not oily. 
Ikan Bili  @ 1.0+
Achar  @ 1.0+.
The "Open Food" which is Ikan Bili ( deep-fried beancurd skin with nori is additive, simply love it) and Achar costs only $2+. Servings generous.  We had Chrysanthemum Tea that is charged only $2+. Want more tea, just request for it.
Chrysanthemum Tea @ 2.0+
want more tea ... do this ...
I found many dishes I like (Vegetarian Escargo, Signature Rice Vermicelli, another mango dish etc) and their dessert menu (east and western) look tempting. The setting is ideal for family gatherings to enjoy healthy and yet delectable, creative Chinese Vegetarian cuisine, for a change. It is another eatery that definitely keeps me coming back for more.

Where: 155 Kitchener Road, Singapore 208527. Tel: 6744 8009


industrial coffee grinder said...

These dishes are really looking very delicious, i don't know how they taste but still looking at them my mouth is filled with water.

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


There are delicious, these dishes had successfully WOW us having it. I am still thinking about it right now and plan when to go again.

Cheers :D

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