Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Er… Cheeky Monkey at Naïve! (Closed)

What? Who? Cheeky Monkey? Where?

Read about Makansutra K F Seetoh mentioning about Naïve’s Cheeky Monkey in The New Paper (Jan 2010, I think) and I realized I have no encounter with this Cheeky Monkey at all!

So, I went to Naïve again. To check out the suspicious Cheeky Monkey? You may wonder what is this all about?  Who is or What is Cheeky Monkey at Naive?

It is just the name of the item on Naïve’s Fun Menu that usually would evoke few laughs. Cheeky Monkey ($12.90+) is fried chunks of monkey head mushroom tossed in crispy cereal with curry leaves and chilli.  The crispy cereal bit together with the crispy curry leaves is simply delicious! Love the Fried Monkey Head Mushroom in it, very tasty and has a nice bite.

Using Monkey Head Monkey is another good alternative for the popular dish - Cereal Prawn. 

For those who are allergic to seafood like prawn .Worry Not! Just enjoy this dish whipped up using Monkey Head Mushroom. Not a mushroom lover! Hmm…, then go for Tofu Cereal at Whole Earth. 

One thing to take note: if you are ordering this for kids who do not take spicy food well, it is better to request the Chef to omit the chilli bits else you will have fun time doing treasure hunt (for chilli) or you will face a kid on fire(screaming).

Where: Naïve . 99 East Coast Road . S428795 . Tel: 6348 0668 . Web:

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