Monday, March 29, 2010

Powerful Healthy Raw Fruit Juices ...

Wheaty Black Soya @ $5 

Happened to spot few Western Tourists holding Tracy Juice Culture's Juices in their hands and walking happily in Raffles City Shopping Centre, so I tried to locate Tracy Juice Culture outlet in Raffles City (a little bit different to find, somewhere near Mrs Fields and Cedele ).

Ordered their Wheaty Black Soya @ $5 which is a good alternative of healthy protein source! It is a mixture of organic black soy milk with wheat grass juice, green lemon and green apple. With a fresh mild grassy taste that is well balanced with other ingredients, but may not be that well accepted by Children.

They do constantly launching new products but it does not have the option of mix your own unique concoction of juices which could be more fun and interesting (I think). . .

Comparing the service with other Tracy Juice Culture Outlets, I still think other outlets are much better.

Raffles City Shopping Centre is a Vegetarian Friendly Shopping Centre - Cedele, Out-of-The-Pan, Subway, Aerin's etc all have a vegetarian option listed on their menu.

Where: Tracy Juice Culture (Raffles City). #B1-50, 252 North Bridge Road. Raffles City Shopping Centre.

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