Monday, March 29, 2010

What a discovery! Traditional Hakka Heritage Food - Abacus Seed or Suan Pan Zi (Veg*n Version)

This rare traditional Hakka dish (Abacus Seed or Suan Pan Zi) is eaten during festive celebrations (Chinese New Year for prosperity) can be found at Piao Xiang and it is vegetarian version (without the dried shrimp and minced pork)!

This simple dish ($4) which is stir-fry with mushroom, carrot and chilli shreds and garnished with lots of coriander leaves is tasty and not too oily.  The abacus seed is chewy and with yam flavour but it looks more like a "out of shape  ball" then abacus seed!

This would be a good dish to share among 2-4 pax, unless you are a big fan of Abacus Seed.  .  I would prefer to have more mushroom slices and does not mind reducing the amount of abacus seed.

In this era, with the growing trends of vegetarian and vegetarian food, if there is a demand, the supply of veganise dishes will be there sooner or later ... So, I am a Happy Vegetarian!

Where: Su Shi Piao Xiang Vegetarian Food. 190 Middle Road Fortune Centre #01-01 Singapore 188979.

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