Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vegetarian Choice @ Louie's NY Pizza Parlor (Universal Studios Singapore) ...

Louie's NY Pizza Parlor's Alfesco Dining area with Fountain and Yellow Cab 

Went to Universal Studios Singapore's Soft Opening on 18 March 2010! Grabbed a copy of the Studio Guide at the Guest Services area. As a Vegetarian, I was real happy to spot that the restaurants listed each different Attractions as having a little "Tree" or "Broccoli" which indicates that there is a Vegetarian option! It is vegetarian-friendly - great!

 Louie's NY Pizza Parlor 

My encounter at Loui's began like this ...

In the late afternoon, we were hungry after the rides and shows.  We were around the "New York" Attraction in Universal Studios Singapore and we went to Loui's for a bite! 

Louie's NY Pizza Parlor - Buffeteria Style 
Margarita Pizza @ $7.80 (per slice) or $$10.90 with Dessert and Drink
 Dessert - Tiramisu ...

When I requested for Vegetarian Options, the friendly staff highlighted that it was not indicated as Vegetarian on the menu but it is a veggies option.  BUT I could order the Margarita Pizza @ $7.80 (per slice) or $$10.90 with Dessert and Drink, which has no meat and using mozzarella cheese (no animal rennet), she said. The vegetarian choice (fruit and salad) was very limited even I willing to spend to stop my hungry pangs. (*SIGH!*). Anyway, I had Pizza - very normal, thin and with a crispy crust (that hurt my mouth, my fault for not eating it carefully). 

Living in a Vegetarian Paradise Singapore where the number of vegetarian eateries continues to rise. There are more than 500 such establishments in Singapore and not including vegetarian-friendly eateries with a vegetarian options (number from MindYourBody in Feb 25,10). I was disappointed with the vegetarian options in the theme park which may be receiving millions and millions of vegetarians/vegans around the world. 

However, as Universal Studios Singapore is having a soft opening, this area could have been overlooked.  Despite the Vegetarian Food issue, I really like the friendly and warm service @ Loui's. It was a rainy day and we were soaked wet after the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure (Raft ride, even with a Poncho on). The attentive staff at Loui's came and asked whether we wanted warm water, that was proactive and I really appreciated it. 

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