Thursday, March 18, 2010

My Discovery at "Discover Food Court" @ Universal Studios Singapore....

"Tree" or "Broccoli" which indicates that there is a Vegetarian option

Went to Resort World's Soft Opening on 18 March 2010! Grabbed a copy of the Studio Guide at the Guest Services area. As a Vegetarian, I was real happy to spot that the restaurants listed each different Attractions as having a little "Tree" or "Broccoli" which indicates that there is a Vegetarian option! It is vegetarian-friendly - great!
Discovery Food Court @ "The Lost World" Attractions
Discovery Food Court @ "The Lost World" Attractions

Happily, we started our journey. It started to rain before noon and we just completed the Canopy Flyer, so we dashed into a nearby restaurant - Discovery Food Court @ "The Lost World" Attractions which has a "Jurassic Park" like Setting. Nice place with lots of seating spaces.

When I approached the Cashier to check whether is there any Vegetarian Option, I received a piece of bad news", the vegetarian options are not available yet (even though on the Studio Guide, there is a Vegetarian Choice indication). How disappointing!

Where can I get Vegetarian Food? The friendly cashier told me that "Celebrity Cafe & Bakery" (it was situated at the entrance, but I was at the opposite end and there was heavy rain!) had some vegetarian option.
Sago Dessert @ 3.5 (bland and not sweet)

The sticky situation that I was in was that the only vegetarian and my sister's family were not. We had a hungry little kid in tow and walking all the back to the entrance is just out of the question. I decided that I might have to sacrifice my lunch and just have dessert - Sago/Green Bean Soup or a hot beverage.

I started to queue up at the end of a long queue! At that moment, another staff approached me (the Cashier must have alerted him) and asked me what was I looking for? I told him - Vegetarian Meal! He told me Friar's had vegetarian options. It took me few seconds to figure out what was he talking about. Friar's is another eatery at "Far Far Away" Attractions, which happened to be not far away from "Discovery Food Court".
The Vegetarian option at Friar's @ "Far Far Away" attraction ...

I have to make a decision to walk to Friar's and have lunch alone or suffer being hungry. It wasn't a nice idea to get the rest with a kid to walk in the rain to another eatery just for me and we were hard pressed for time too. In the end, I dined alone at Friar's at the Far Far Away Attractions (*sad*) with my sister's family dining at Discovery Food Court!

Had the staff at Discovery Food Court be unfriendly and inattentive enough, and did not rectify the situation with a quick workaround and there wasn't a vegetarian option at Friar's (will do a food review), I would be a very unhappy customer! I do appreciate their good customer services -- however, they could be more prepared with unexpected situations and able to provide a quick and informative solution (like direction and what type of food Friar's offers and other's eateries within Universal Studios has vegetarian option etc.)

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