Saturday, April 03, 2010

Fancy any North and South Indian Vegetarian Fare

Fancy any North and South Indian Vegetarian Fare?  Go for Raj Restaurant which has an extensive menu with 200 dishes ... WOW. 

Besides having a non-vegetarian Indian Restaurant - Jade of Indian, Raj @ Biopolis and Cafe Salivation @ Little India (just next door from Raj @ Little India) are also under the same group holding.  Raj @ Biopolis and Cafe Salivation (offering Fusion Vegetarian Cuisine, Mexican, Continental Vegetarian Fare etc) are vegetarian restaurant.

Hidden in Biopolis Way, Raj is a draw for the working people of the area during weekday and it serves up South and North Indian Cuisine.  It is open on Sunday too!  Its offbeat location may be a great for hanging out with pals (or dine alone) over brunch on a lazy weekend afternoon indulge in the surrounding peaceful and quiet environment.

After Chef Danny's Zen Vegetarian (Shojin Ryori Cuisine) Cooking Class at Onaka, I passed by Raj again, so go for another round of good food.
Uppuma  @ S$2.8+

Masala Tea @ $2.50+

Anyway, I had Uppuma (which is under the Special Category of the South Indian Dishes on the menu) @ $2.80+ and Masala Tea @ $2.50+. The friendly waiter came to check whether the food was fine (great service).  Well, it turned out acceptable and delicious.  

Where: Raj Restaurant. 20 Biopolis Way, #01-03. Centros Block. Singapore 138668. Tel: 6478 9495.


Anonymous said...

What is Uppama? Looks like made of mashed potato & flour?

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...


You got the 'appearance' of this dish correct.

It is southern Indian dish (breakfast dish, I think)and good for little kid. Using rice or wheat flour.

Cheers :)

sos said...

It actually is made with semolina

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