Sunday, April 04, 2010

Subway @ Raffles City Shopping Centre (A Vegetarian Friendly Shopping Mall without Pure Vegetarian Eatery) ...

Veggie Sandwich @ S$3.9

In some of the eateries globally, the preparation of vegetarian food is as much a priority as meat and fish dishes. Besides, offering meat dishes, there is an extensive array of vegetarian or vegan creation.  Are there such eateries in Food Crazed Singapore? Maybe YES, but where are they?

Subway is a non-vegetarian fast food eatery which includes two or three vegetarian choices which do not strictly meant for vegetarians but meat eaters who might want something that tastes fresh and light and healthy, I guess. Wish there were more vegetarian choices.

However, glad to find something simple and yet vegetarian.  Veggie Sandwich with honey mustard sauce from Subway was good and healthy afternoon snack when we do not feel like eating much.

With Subway outlets opening everywhere in Singapore, so if you are a vegetarian or vegan, you can be assured that there is something you can eat at Subway - eat alone, with vegetarians or meat-eaters.

Little note:  Raffles City Shopping Centre is a Vegetarian Friendly Shopping Centre - Cedele, Out-of-The-Pan, Aerin's etc all have a vegetarian option listed on their menu. MOS Burger - Yes, if not that strict. 

Where: Subway (Raffles City). Web:

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