Wednesday, April 07, 2010

New kids on the block with a speical name - OM!

New kids on the block with a special name - OM! Serving Indian Vegetarian Cuisine from a causal and yet cozy Food Court at Market Street Car Park.  Indian favourites can be found here as well as Indian Snacks ...

I chanced upon this beautiful Indian Vegetarian Stall where walking around Market Street.  The food court with an old world charm decor lures me in and then I discovered this Indian Vegetarian Stall with a simple and unique name - OM @ Market Street.

 Suji Halwa @ $1!

Next, what caught my attention was the bright colour Indian Pudding -  Suji Halwa @ $1!  I asked - it this very sweet?  Immediately, I was offered quite a sizable of it for tasting by the staff.  Gracious gesture.  And it tastes good and the sweetness is just nice, simply love it.

Samosa @ $1.50

The Indian Samosa @ $1.50  is another item that I ordered after receiving such good service.  I love it. Lots of curry potato filling compare to the Instant flat samosa that we can get from the supermarket.  

I will be back for more ...  BTW, there is OM @ SMU too ...

Where: 146 Market Street, Vegetarian Stall, Koufu Foodcourt, Market Street Carpark (Opposite Lau Pa Sat), Singapore 048945.

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