Wednesday, April 07, 2010

It is foodsirens's recommendation...

Avocado Mousse/Pudding @ $4 and Black Sesame Mousse/Pudding @ $3.5
 Sesame Seed Pudding @ $3.5
Avocado Pudding @ $4
Pumpkin Pie @ $8 

Foodsiren left a comment on my previous review (@ hungry go where) on livingreen. I tried her recommendation - Pumpkin Pie @ $8, Avocado Mousse/Pudding @ $4 and Black Sesame Mousse/Pudding @ $3.50. AWESOME!

Briyani Brown Rice Set @ $7

Clear Soup from Briyani Brown Rice Set ...

Cold Tofu @ $5.5 

Wanted to try the Lasagna too but was distracted by the Briyani Brown Rice Set @ $7 that is served with clear soup (not Indian Soup)!  Good deal.  Tasted authentic and flavourful. Enjoying  Indian Food that is organic as well.  Cold Tofu @ $5.5 - homely.

I am again impressed by the excellent service of the staff. She is efficient, friendly and knowledgeable. Serving with heart and soul really make a different.  When she noticed that I am waiting for my friend to arrive, she just checks with me whether I like to read the newspaper to kill time. When we were wondering whether to order a salad or a tofu dish, she suggested the tofu dish because our main dish comes with salad! 

Where: LivinGreens. 325 Beach Road. Singapore 199559. Tel: 6396 5523.

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-8.30pm. CLOSED ON SUNDARY

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