Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bread from Cedele ...

I was given this chocolate bread from Celedel by a non-vegetarian ex-classmate (we attended the Certificate in Practical Counselling Class conducted by KMSPKS at very good subsided rate).
She is a very sweet and lovely lady with a pair of smiling eyes and a beautiful smile that you can feel the warm and compassionate vibe in her. I do not know her well but some of her small genuine kind acts really inspire me (she has the making of being a good Counsellor).  

I don't know how she comes to know about I am a vegetarian (maybe she is very observant) and she got me this bread from a vegetarian friendly eatery - Celedel, and even check with me whether I consume egg or dairy. I am grateful that I keep meeting lovely people in this universe.

As far as I am concern, I only know that Celedel is very vegetarian friendly with a nice good vegetarian menu. This surprise gift - Bread, let me discover that bread from Celedel is awesome that I could not keep the bread for breakfast but finished the whole loaf even it is close to midnight before going to bed (very early breakfast!) Just LOVE it ............

I went to bed feeling joyful that night that there are so many vegetarian friendly eateries around such as Celedel that understand vegetarianism and whip up awesome vegetarian food.  Check this out @

The good news is they have many outlets around Singapore, so whether you are a veg*n tourist or reside in Singapore, you can enjoy healthy food served by Cedele quite easily.

Oh yeah, today is 1 Oct - World Vegetarian Day - Happy World Vegetarian Day to ALL : )

Where: Cedele. Cedele's Locations

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