Friday, January 22, 2016

Delectable Improvised Traditional Vegetarian Dishes ...

B-Truffle Brais Ee Main
Heavenly Toufu 
Simply delicious dinner at Xin Man Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant on Good Friday 2015. Despite having still having fever and unwell, these delectable improvised traditional vegetarian dishes make me crave for more ... Yummy! Very reasonable pricing! Will go again ...
Shark-Fin Soup
Re-visited a couple of times after that.  The last visit was in January 2016, and the standard of the food still maintained and well presented. Surprisingly my non-vegetarian friends find it delicious.
 This restaurant is under the same group with the popular vegetarian restaurant at Bukit Timah Road (Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant).
Where: Xin Man Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant Pte Ltd.  101 Upper Cross Street #03-32 People's Park Centre Singapore 058357. Tel: 6438 0048 / 6536 5517

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