Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Vegetarian Food @ Phuket Marriott Hotel

Was attending a Meditation Retreat at Phuket Marriott Resort & Spa, Merlin Beach. A beautiful clean beach resort with a lovely good beach.

The western vegetarian buffet dishes served in the Merchant Kitchen were delicious and I like it.  But for asian vegetarian buffet dishes, in my own opinion, there are still rooms for improvement and creativity.   

There were many raw ingredients, with some creativity, it could easily churned out delicious vegetarian dish without much hassle.  In doing, it created a more variety vegetarian spread. 

The restaurant could also spur vegetarian diner to have some fun creating their own vegetarian dish by putting DIY Suggestion Tag (Jasmine Rice + daily creamy soup). In doing so, lesser work for the kitchen. It also making vegetarian feel more welcome and come back again to enjoy the resort and also the food.

There was a noodle station allow the diners to “make your own” soupy noodle. But there wasn’t a vegetarian soup base. I guess, with some hot water/milk and simple seasoning, a simple vegetarian soup base can be achieved.  It could also make use of the tom yum soup, miso soup, green curry or daily creamy soup if it is vegetarian.  

Creating a vegetarian dry noodle version if there were good sauces (soya sauce, sesame oil, tomatoes sauce) available.

As vegetarian don’t consume fish balls etc, it can be easily substitute with the different vegetable from the salad bar or roasted egg-plant/carrot/pepper chilli.  

So with the Vegetarian population growing and they do travel a lot but are also looking for good vegetarian food.  So,  … [smile]   

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