Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Lunch Time, there’s So Much to eat @ Jhana Grove Meditation Centre

We kept 8 precepts, which means we ate only 2 meals a day, no dinner. Yet, I put on so much weight. Result of happiness, gratitude and very good appetite there.

Lunch was buffet style where we’ve brown rice/pasta, few vegetables dishes, garden salad, western dessert, cake, ice cream and assorted fresh fruit. Even homemade Chilli. Simply delicious and cooked by Michelle, the 75yo hired cook (her last time cooking there, retiring) for 60 retreatants with some helps from the retreatants on assigned duties.

I helped with cutting vegetable from 7-8am on some days after the morning meditation and before the morning dharma talk. The vibe was so peaceful and such a pleasant experience. Seeing all working in harmony and noble silence. What’s a pleasure! Rejoice.

Ps: No dinner, but at 5.30pm tea time, chocolate, candy and cheese will be served.

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