Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eastern Rice Dumpling

Was at Novena Square and I saw a Rice Dumpling Stall - Eastern Rice Dumpling. This is another Rice Dumpling Stall where you can get vegetarian dumplings.  4 of the products - Vegetarian Peanut and Fungus Rice Dumpling, Vegetarian Nyonya (mock meat), Kee Chang and Kee Chang with Red Bean Paste are suitable for Vegetarian.

If you are not a strict vegetarian (for religious reason), the staff recommend the Black Eye Bean Rice Dumpling. I was surprised and felt happy! This lovely lady in her 50s told me, to be in the food line, she needs to be aware of customer's diet requirement. The reason that this dumpling is not suitable for certain vegetarian is that the rice was stir-fry with garlic. Wow, impressed. It was a nice, brief and friendly conversation where we exchanged some information in a open matters and I decide to buy more ... 

Love this stall, so vegetarian friendly - 35% of their product is suitable for vegetarian, and even to the extent  -  some with mock meat and some without mock meat  : )

Where: Eastern Rice Dumpling

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