Monday, February 08, 2010

Mushroom Hotpot Buffet and Dim Sum @ LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant

 LingZhi @ Novena Square 
LingZhi Vegetarian Restaurant is my favourite vegetarian restaurant since I became a vegetarian in 1993.  I love the cosy hip decor and the sumptuous food which uses only natural ingredients - especially their Dim Sum and Hotpot. Many years back, I even make a trip to had a good meal at LingZhi when they were at Orchard Tower, before I went to deliver my baby at Gleneagles Hospital.
If you ask me where to find exquisite savoury Vegetarian Dim Sum, I would recommend LingZhi!  Dim Sum is love by most Chinese, however, making Dim Sum is real time consuming and required lots of work and skill. Not to mention the long list of ingredients required.
   one of my favorite - custard roll ... 
Therefore, the smartest thing is to enjoy it at the restaurant. If you like only Dim Sum, go for the Hi Tea Buffet which is only S$10.20++on weekday (which consist of 26 items) and S$15.00++ on weekend (consist of 32 items). It is listed on their web: Hi Tea Buffet Menu
Last December, I just have a meet-up with my boy's classmate and his mother at LingZhi. We were having Hi Tea Buffet, as a non-vegetarian, she was amazed that the vegetarian dim sum can be so delicious and just love it. It was value for money. 
Yup, just like many of my non-vegetarian friends, they just unaware that there is such scrumptious vegetarian Dim Sum at such a good price in such a hip restaurant. They have the outdated impression that vegetarian food is boring but never have a chance to get to know more about delicious vegetarian food of such high standard. 
Most of my non-vegetarian or semi-vegetarian friends, in fact they would not reject any vegetarian food as long as it is delectable. To them, it is just another meal and they can have meat at other time, it is not an issue to them at all.
 A whole row of hotpot ingredients ...
 Oops, the veggies were blocked by the bowls
Dim sum corner and Dessert corner just behind the veggies ...
Mushroom Hotpot Buffet and Dim Sum S$20.80++on weekday and S$22.80++ on weekend (It is listed on their web: Mushroom Hot Pot

I just love the cosy ambient in this restaurant, even with my bad photography skill, the photo just look nice to me.

This is the restaurant that we like to go to for special occasion like Chinese New Year's Cuisine or when we have special guest. Talking about CNY, just feel like getting the Treasure Bowl "Pen Cai" from Lingzhi.
I had even attended my colleague wedding dinner at LingZhi@ Far East Square many years back, it was the best Vegetarian Wedding Dinner Cuisines I ever had. Now, they no longer at Far East Square but moved to Novena Square, there is another outlet at Liat Tower at Orchard.
 If you see the Big Banner, it up at Level 3 ...
 Just take the escalator to level 3, you will see it ... very easy and simple!
However, I prefer the Novena Square which is nearer to me, just above the Novena MRT and much easier to find. I remember that they use to have a Big Banner on LingZhi Buffet hanging in the centre of the Novena Square Mall. Now, it is mould on the wall. So, when you get out from the MRT and take the escalator to Novena Square, just look up - you will see the Big Sign ...
Where: Lingzhi Vegetarian. 238 Thomson Road #03-09/10 Velocity @ Novena Square. Singapore 307683. Tel: 6538 2992


Sunny said...

Hmm, had not visited LingZhi for a long tme. Glad to know that the yellow custard roll that I used to love is still there. Does it still taste as good as melts in your mouth?
Will keep that in mind for next possible gathering venue. :-)

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny

Yes. This special custard roll have to eat fast and not leave out for too long. That's why, they cover it, I think ...

I did order take away and leave it in the refrigerator overnite with cover, but it become hard.

Keep that in mind :) Having a gathering there is still better than having it at the coffee chain like Coffee Bean or Starbuck (I think) in term of $, food and environment, unless coffee is the main thing to go for.

Cheers :)

Keung Hang said...

Amazing post. I just love this post. I love to have high tea in dinner.

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