Friday, February 05, 2010

Pine Tree Cafe @ Fortune Centre

Pine Tree Cafe @ Fortune Centre #02-09
Having lunch with my ex-classmate again, this time round she picked Pine Tree Cafe after she had tried some days back. As a non-vegetarian, she even recommended Pine Tree Cafe's Sardine Puff which she said is delicious. However, it wasn't available, therefore I didn't get to try it.

It is always interesting to have non-vegetarian recommending vegetarian eateries to a vegetarian. I guess, one fine day, I should find out from her what non-vegetarian thinks about vegetarian food. She does know friends who are non-vegetarian but are eating vegetarian food.

Daily Special: Kway Chap @ S$4
I would said this is a very well presented dish and it is good to see the coriander leaves which in fact would enhance the look and flavour of this dish. Value for money! I remember ordering Kway Chap near my place and there wasn't any coriander leaves and the non-vegetarian version had it!

Green Curry with Rice @ S$4.50
Traveling all the way from North to Bugis, I always try to order those special or unique dishes that I could not get around my area unless it is so delicious that it is a must-have or must-try. I had green curry from Pine Tree Cafe few times when they have an outlet at Bugis Junction Foodcourt. So instead of picking Hakka Yong Tau Foo (not too sure whether is this Hakka Yong Tau Foo with the sauce version, maybe I should try next round), I ordered Green Curry.  I ordered steamed rice, but it came with mixing some vegetarian chicken rice.

What is in the Green Curry, let me try to recall - few slices of deep-fried mock fish, green egg-plant, tomatoes,  deep-fried tofu, okra and oh yes - cauliflower!  Not too sure whether I missed out any other ingredients.
Pine Tree Cafe #02-13
By the way, Pine Tree Cafe has 2 shop fronts, so you can sit at #02-09 or at #02-13.

Where: Pine Tree Cafe. 190 Middle Road #02-13/ #02-13 Fortune Centre. Tel: 98154940.
Opening Hours: 9am-9pm

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