Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Banquet Food Court Stall @ Clifford Centre Goes Organic ... Another Eco-Friendly Eatery [CLOSED]

Hawker Centre stall goes organic. Not too far from Golden Shoe Car Park Hawker Centre, there is one hidden stall in Banquet Food Court @ Clifford Centre that goes Organic too. So, Food Court Centre stall goes organic.

Within a single food court, there are 3 stalls offering different type of vegetarian cuisine - Indian Vegetarian Cuisine, Chinese Vegetarian Cuisine and Organic Vegetarian Cuisine by TASTE OF NATURAL!   It seems that Vegetarian Cuisine is hip and trendy,  and gaining popularity now. Even meat-eaters would want something that tastes fresh and healthy too.

It offers 'Conscious Comfort  Natural Food' which means Vegetarian and Vegan-friendly meals that tastes wholesome and homemade. It also proves that veg*n food does not have to be limited to salads. Although meals are vegetable-based, the tastes still appeal to carnivores.

Shepherd's Pie that comes with a soup and salad @ $6 or $6.50 (takeaway)

It is a draw for the working crowds in the CBD near Raffles Place. Organic Brown Rice Set is always the main attraction in most of the Organic Eateries, but I look for rare item besides Brown Rice Set.  I had Shepherd's Pie that comes with a soup and salad @ $6 or $6.50 (takeaway).  Simple Delicious!  The only problem, the salad is pack on top of the Shepherd's Pie for takeaways that reduced the freshness and crispness of the salad and dampen the pie.

Eco-conscious diners will appreciate its philosophy of using Eco-Friendly Disposable Packaging - Corn Ware!

Where: Taste of Natural. Stall 17 Banquet @ Clifford Centre (Basement). 24 Raffles Place, #B1-08 Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621. Tel: 6533 0652.


Sunny said...

I finally visited it :-)
I find the Weekday lunch hour dining environment at Raffles Place rather stressful, compared to Orchard. :P

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Sunny
Buzzing and very crowded and difficult to get seat. :)


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