Monday, March 01, 2010

Hawker Centre stall goes organic - perfect for those on a budget.

Million across the world are trying to improve their health and Mother Earth, by going for Organic food more often.  Organic Food is getting more mainstream now - we have NTUC Fairprice starting their own organic production lines. Now we have Food Court stall goes organic, Hawker Centre stall goes organic which is perfect for those on a budget.  This adds diversity to our Food Paradise.

To savour Organic Food which emphasis on the natural taste of the ingredients, a different set of criteria should be used as it is very different from other cuisines.  Organic Food - is homely and healthy.

I love their Vegan Cheese Sandwiches at My Vegetarian Way , however, it was not available. So I asked for Fresh Green Sandwich @ $2 (with seeds on the bread).  It was not available too but they make it on the spot for me. Had tasted their porridge, just like Mom's home cooked food where you never get tired of.  

What I like:
They encourage customer to bring their reusable container for takeway, so to reduce wastage and to save the planet.
Quite a good range of selection on their menu and the reasonable priced Brown Rice Set is around $4 - $4.50

Where:  My Vegetarian Way. 50 Market Street. Golden Shoe Carpark, Market Street Food Centre, #03-24. Tel: 9238 5680
Opening Hours: 7.30am - 3.30pm (approximately)


Guazi said...

THis is my favourite stall for lunch. Simply MSG free, healthy and home-cooked food. They have great burgers too! but only available every 2 weeks

a veg*n @ Blog*Spot said...

Hi Guazi

Hey, nice to hear from you. I like this stall too, the price is real good too.

I will ask for burgers if I happened to be around that area. Thanks for this info :D

Cheers :D

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