Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Again @ Bendemeer Market and Food Centre

Purposely made a trip to Yuan Xiang Vegetarian Food @ Bendemeer on a Saturday morning around 10am, wanted to try the Ipoh Hor Fun and Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup, but it has not open for business yet. A little disappointed but Bendemeer Market and Food Centre has no lack of vegetarian food, so I went to Jian Kang Vegetarian Food.

Laksa @ S$2.50! 

We ordered the Laksa @ S$2.50! Oh, it was served with mock cockle using straw mushroom, great!. Besides this, the fried noodle look appetizing and we ordered that too, top with other ingredients like tofu, deep-fried wantons and Taiwan Vegetarian Ngoh Hiang which they have nicely placed on the noodle. Beautiful.  I kind of like the Taiwan Vegetarian Ngoh Hiang, which was chunky and delicious.

Where: Jian Kang Vegetarian Food. Blk 29 Market and Food Centre, 29 Bendemeer Road  #01-82, S330029. Closed on Sunday.

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